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Did You Miss the Old Skool Remix? Order the Video!
ShimmySista's Old Skool Bellydance Remix is always fabulous, family-friendly, fun party.  Enjoy performances to your favorite tunes from "back in the day" an old skool dance contest and a demo of Sadcie, A hot new dance/fitness craze that is sure to be a world-wide hit (and you'll be able to say you saw it first!)   Check out the rewind promo and click here to order your show video today for just $12. 

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We're plus size dancers too so we understand your needs.  Having our own label allows us to be creative and explore options, fabrics and more.  The line is small with limited quantities, but we've got big plans for more!


If you've ever been to a ShimmySista showcase you understand.  Dancers of all shapes and sizes grace the floor and show you that beauty come in all sizes.  Our goddess parties bring the fun to you.  Check out pics and vids from some of our previous shows join the fun!
You'll be inspired by our motivational messages and images designed to make you feel good about yourself and love all that is YOU.  And everyody knows, when you're inspired, its easy to inspire ohers!