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They said, "Big girls don't belly dance," but we proved them wrong.  Not only do we belly dance, we salsa, samba, ballroom, cha cha....or whatever we please!  We love zumba, sadcie, yoga and pilates, too. And, we want to look great, no matter how we choose to move.  Our new store will include options for all types of movement as well as casual and weekend wear.  ShimmySista is dedicated to providing quality, fit and great style. We will continue our search for fun, fabulous designs that EVERYONE wants to wear--and don't worry, we'll even have selections for "shimmy's little sisters, too!"   Join the "Sistahood" and be a part of a revolution. Yes, we move and we do it because we know that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.

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We've signed the lease and renovations will start soon, but we still need help!  Walls, floors, paint, fixtures... everything needs to be re-done.  Donate, and we'll show our appreciation by giving you a fabulous Thank You gift ( Stephanieis wearing the ShimmySista bling tee!)  Choices include tote bags, tees and more!!  Check it out!

Help us show the world that size doesn't define us and fit doesn't have to mean skinny!

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They said I shouldn't or that I couldn't but I proved them wrong.  Read what inspired me to start ShimmySista, why I do it and how the journey has transformed so many!

If you've ever been to a ShimmySista showcase you understand.  Dancers of all shapes and sizes grace the floor and show you that beauty come in all sizes.  Our goddess parties bring the fun to you.  Check out pics and videos from some of our previous shows join the fun!
You'll be inspired by our motivational messages and images designed to make you feel good about yourself and love all that is YOU.  And everyody knows, when you're inspired, its easy to inspire others!